日期: 2015-11-03



主讲人:迈克尔·卡尔博士 Dr. Michael Carl, 哥本哈根商学院教授,翻译与翻译技术研究与创新中心主任。

Dr. Michael Carl is a Professor mso. for Human and Machine Translation at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and director of the Center for Research and Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology (CRITT). His current research interest is related to the investigation of human translation processes and interactive machine translation. Prior to his position in Denmark, he has been working on machine translation, terminology tools, and the implementation of natural language processing software. Dr. Carl has organized numerous workshops, scientific meetings and panels on translation and translation process related topics and is the organizer of the TPR summer school inCopenhagenand summer projects. Dr. Carl is currently on sabbatical leave at the National Institute of Informatics inTokyo,Japan.

Some Observations at the Intersection of Machine Translation and Empirical Translation Process Research
时间:1111 15:40—17:10

In this talk I trace the ups and downs in the history of Machine Translation from its beginnings in the 1950s which are linked to its various different computational paradigms. I will argue that the promises of the psychological turn in the 1980s have never been pursued very seriously and show how empirical Translation Process Research may fill this gap. I present some recent findings from TPR illustrating the commonalities and differences of how humans translate and post-edit.

讲座 2:
Interactive Post-Editing with CASMACAT and SEECAT
时间:1118 15:40—17:10

In this talk I will present CASMACAT, an interactive, browser-based platform for post-editing machine translation output. CASMACAT has a number of innovative visualisation options which aim at better supporting the post-editor in the translation task. SEECAT is an experimental extension of the CASMACAT workbench with which a post-editor can speak the translation, in addition to using the keyboard. I will show how the tools are used and discuss some to the findings.


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